Working at The Orange Door

The Orange Door provides practitioners with a unique opportunity to be part of a world-first service model.

The Orange Door

is an integrated intake pathway to family violence services and family services, keeping the whole family in view, with support tailored to each family member’s needs.

By providing a more collaborative and joined-up approach, The Orange Door is designed to avoid the person having to ‘re-tell their story’.

Slot gameThe Orange Door helps to tilt the focus of the whole service system towards tackling the source of the violence, people who use violence. There is a strong focus on perpetrator accountability, holding them accountable for their actions and changing their behaviour.

A partnership approach

The Orange Door brings together services as a partnership to support women, children and families and keep perpetrators in view.

Slot gameThe unique model of The Orange Door allows practitioners with different specialisations to learn from and with each other, drawing on each other’s knowledge and experience, and providing a more integrated assessment of risk and needs.

Clients are equal partners in their support, participating in their own planning and inviting family and others in their life to be part of the decision-making.

The Orange Door team

Slot gameIn each area, a multi-disciplinary team is established from employees of the partner organisations specialising in:

  • Family violence services
  • Child and family services
  • Perpetrator services
  • Aboriginal services
  • Community-based child protection services

Specialist expertise is provided to the multidisciplinary team to support high quality and culturally safe service delivery through leadership roles such as:

  • Team Leader
  • Aboriginal Practice Leader and Practitioner.
  • Advanced Family Violence Practice Leader
  • Integrated Practice Leader
  • Community Based Senior Child Protection Practitioners

The Orange Door teams are supported operationally by a team from Family Safety Victoria including the Hub Manager, Operational Support Officer, Strategic Planning and Reporting Officer, Client Support Officers, Service System Navigator and administrative support.

What it’s like working at The Orange Door

Slot gamePractitioners working at The Orange Door in Barwon and Morwell talk about their experiences in this video.

The benefits of working in this new way are expressed in these quotes from practitioners in The Orange Door.

"Having two workers go out together, (Child FIRST and family violence) is creating a new level of collaboration and practice. It’s great to bounce ideas off each other, and learn more from each other. This is what The Orange Door is all about: collaborating around good safety planning and meeting children’s needs."

'We are doing some great work with perpetrators. I wasn’t sure how it would work having perpetrators access the service but it’s working really well and we need to keep doing it. Women want it. We are getting lots of women presenting where the perpetrator is their adolescent son and they want to come in together.'

Current vacancies

Slot gameThe Orange Door works with diverse communities across Victoria and welcomes practitioners of any age, culture, ethnicity, religion, ability, gender, sexuality or other background.

Slot gameVacancies are advertised by The Orange Door partner agencies and organisations.

You can find details of vacancies on the .

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