VPS Pride Awards

The Victorian Public Sector (VPS) Pride Awards honour and recognise contributions to LGBTIQ inclusion from across the sector. Awards are open to all Victorian Public Sector agencies and staff members.

VPS Pride Awards
VPS Pride Awards

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About the VPS Pride Awards

Nominations for the 2020 VPS Pride Awards will close in early 2021. All nominated activities must have occurred between the 2019 VPS Pride Awards closing date (18 October 2019) and the 31 December 2020.

Slot gameThe VPS Pride Awards have 8 award categories, 4 initiative awards and 3 individual awards. 5 of those are open categories (open for nominations) and 2 closed categories (winners will be selected from nominations in other categories).

Slot gameIt is from the written nominations that the judging panel select the winners of the VPS Pride Awards. Here are some tips for writing a successful nomination:

  • The nomination must address each selection criteria in the relevant award category. Judging panels consider all criteria equally when selecting the finalists and winners.
  • Provide appropriate evidence and data where possible.
  • It should be clear what makes the nominee’s contribution outstanding. It may be helpful to think of the nomination as a job application.
  • Nominees and nominators should be specific about the nominee’s strengths and provide clear examples. Statements such as 'I am a good team member', 'I have an understanding of trends' or 'training is fundamental to our success’ should be supported by evidence and examples.

Slot gameThe nomination form is broken up into 4 sections:

  1. Executive summary: a summary of the nomination to be used at the award ceremony, in promotional materials and online (150 word limit).
  2. Selection criteria response: formal response to the category’s selection criteria (400-word limit).
  3. Measurable benefits: appropriate evidence and data that demonstrates how the initiative/individual/network achieved tangible results (can be text or uploaded files).
  4. Photo: a photo for the initiative or individual(s) to be used at the award ceremony, in promotional materials and online (single upload).

Slot gameActivity award nominations submitted in previous years are not eligible to be submitted again and nominations should only be submitted in a single category.

Initiative award categories

Individual Award Categories

Submission details

Slot gameNominations must be submitted online. You will be asked to submit a photo with your nomination. You are welcome to nominate yourself, another person or your organisation/network.

Award winners will be required to participate in photography and videography activities for the award ceremony and awards promotion purposes. Winners agree to provide permission to the VPS Pride Network for on-going use of images/recordings of themselves for promotional purposes.

Consistent with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic), the VPS Pride Network is committed to protecting the personal information that it collects and uses. Private and personal information supplied will be used by the selection panels only to assist decision-making.

Slot gameInformation will not be disclosed or used for any other purpose without the express consent of the person to whom the information relates, unless otherwise required by law.

Slot gameThe VPS Pride Network reserves the right to use all or part of any material, including submissions and photographs, for any publicity campaign. Copyright of any materials produced during, or as a result of, the award is owned by the Victorian Government.


Judges' decisions are final, and no further correspondence will be entered into.

A panel of independent judges will assess each nomination against the selection criteria. Chance will not play a role in determining finalist selection. In this case independent refers to people who are not directly or indirectly involved in the writing of Pride Network End of Year Award submissions or in the development or implementation of activities associated with such applications.

Slot gameJudges use the matrix below to score each criterion:

Score Label Description
1 Unsatisfactory
  • did not meet the selection criterion and
  • lacked evidence to support nomination
2 Satisfactory
  • met the selection criterion and
  • provided some evidence to support nomination against criterion
3 Good
  • met the selection criterion and
  • provided good evidence to support nomination against some criterion
4 Very good
  • met selection criterion and
  • provided good evidence to support nomination against each criterion
5 Excellent
  • met all selection criterion and
  • provided strong evidence against each criterion
6 Outstanding
  • met all selection criterion and
  • provided outstanding evidence against each criterion


Slot gameAll enquiries about the awards should be submitted online:

Contact the VPS Pride Network

Reviewed 16 October 2020

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