Victoria's state emblems

Discover the official state emblems of Victoria: Leadbeater's Possum, the Helmeted Honeyeater, the Common Seadragon, Common Heath, our state mineral, gold and our state tartan.

State animal: Leadbeater's possum


State bird: the helmeted honeyeater


State marine animal: the common seadragon


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State flora: common heath

    State mineral: gold


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    State tartan

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    The colours of the Victorian State tartan are blue, white, green and pink.

    Blue represents the colours of the shield on the Victorian Coat of Arms and represents the background of the Eureka Stockade Flag.

    The 5 white lines on the State Tartan represent the 5 white stars of the Southern Cross. These appear on both the Victorian Coat of Arms and the Eureka Stockade Flag.

    Green represents the olive branch on the Victorian Coat of Arms.

    Slot gamePink represents the Victorian floral emblem, the common heath.

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