Industrial Relations Victoria

Industrial Relations Victoria works towards achieving a positive working environment for all Victorians.

Industrial Relations Victoria (IRV) is the Government’s lead agency for developing industrial relations policy and initiatives in Victoria.

Slot gameIRV consults with Victoria's private sector on industrial relations matters. It leads Government participation in workplace-related reviews and inquiries. It also supports the Government's contribution towards maintaining Australia's national industrial relations system.

Slot gameThe IRV Central Bargaining Unit oversees enterprise bargaining across the Victorian public sector. It provides help and expertise to Government departments and agencies on workplace issues.

Wage Inspectorate Victoria helps to protect workers' rights under a range of Victorian employment laws. It raises awareness about workers' and employers' rights and responsibilities under these laws. It also has the power to and issue penalties to those who break them.

IRV sits within the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Its portfolio includes two statutory independent bodies: the Labour Hire Authority and the Portable Long Service Authority.

Slot gameReviewed 21 October 2019

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