DPC FOI Part II Statements

These FOI Part II statements provide a snapshot of the types of documents held by DPC and how to locate them, as well as an overview of the functions of the department.

Slot gameThe Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) makes information publicly available on this website, and in printed material available for viewing or purchase.

We make as much information publicly available as possible, reducing the need for members of the public to request access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) (FOI Act).

The statements below are statutory requirement under the FOI Act. These statements provide a snapshot of the types of information and documents that the department holds, how to access this information and locate publicly available information, and how to make a request for access under the FOI Act. For more information contact us.

Slot gameFor more information about Freedom of Information in Victoria, visit the .

Information statements

Reviewed 13 May 2020

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