Decide if you need a mobile app - digital guide

Slot game What to consider when deciding to build a mobile app.

Before you begin

A mobile app is software used on smartphones and tablets.

This guide should be used as a decision-making tool when deciding whether you need a mobile app.

This guide was developed in collaboration with , , , and the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

What does the Victorian Government recommend?

Slot gameThe Victorian Government’s preferred approach is to have mobile-responsive websites. Victorian Government departments or agencies should only create a mobile app if user research indicates a need or functionality requirement that can only be delivered by a mobile app.

The following standards must be met


Comply with the .

Refer to the Protect privacy - digital guide for more information.


Slot gameComply with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. Refer to the security framework and standards on the


Comply with the  and  AA standard. Refer to the Make your conten t accessible standard.

If your audience is primarily people with disability (for example, National Disability Insurance Scheme clients), your site must pass the test for the AAA standard.


Apply Brand Victoria. Mobile app icons are small so it’s important to choose a simple icon. Refer to Apply Brand VictoriaSlot game, written for digital.

Getting it approved

Discuss your decision with your Digital Management Committee (DMC) or equivalent.

Slot gameBefore any development begins, you should demonstrate how you’re going to support the app for its life cycle.

  • Ensure you have a product owner within your organisation to manage ongoing improvements.
  • Ensure you have capability and funding for ongoing support and maintenance. If you don’t have internal capability for ongoing support and maintenance, identify an appropriate vendor partner to provide this and an internal resource to manage the vendor.
  • Ensure you have ongoing capability and funding to support customer inquiries.
  • Document a plan for decommissioning the app, including how you will remove the app from the market once funding ends. The Australian Government has a  which can be used.

Use the Victorian Government app account

The Victorian Government app account provides users with confidence and trust that they are downloading a verified Victorian Government app.

Mobile apps should not be published under the names of external vendors.

Slot gameThe benefits of using the Victorian Government app account

  • There’s no cost involved.
  • Increased trust by being listed as a verified Victorian Government app.
  • Your app won’t be forgotten about if staff leave or it is no longer funded.
  • Citizens can find all Victorian Government apps in one place.
  • You’ll have access to an established audience.
  • When machinery of government changes take place there’s no need to change the store name.
  • No need to maintain your own app account across iOS and Android.

Get in touch to request to list your app in the Victorian Government app account on Apple and Google. 

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