Brand Victoria - using our logos

Guidelines on using existing Brand Victoria logos, including downloads.

Using existing Brand Victoria logos

Slot gameAll Victorian Government communication should carry the appropriate Brand Victoria logo.

Slot gameAll logos originate from the primary Victoria logo. This is used when promoting Victoria (including regional Victoria) to a domestic audience. Our other primary logos are:

  • Victoria Australia logo
  • Melbourne logo
  • Melbourne Australia logo
  • Melbourne Victoria Australia logo

Slot gameAll our primary logos are available in black, blue and transparent versions.

Slot gameYou can download low-resolution PNG and high-resolution TIFF logo files below.

New logos

All new logos must be approved. Find out how to create a new logo.


Brand Victoria is the property of the Victorian Government. It cannot be used by any government or non-government body without authorisation.

If you're not sure if you're authorised to use a Brand Victoria logo, email

Four versions of the Brand Victoria logo are now trademarked. For further information about Brand Victoria trademarks, contact

Victorian Government communications materials from departments and entities often include a lead logo and an endorser logo:

  • The lead logo represents the entity delivering the content on the website. It should be given prominence by being positioned at the top of the website's header (either in the top left or centred).
  • The endorser logo - the Victoria State Government logo - is secondary to the lead logo. It's positioned at the bottom-right in the website's footer.

For guidance on logo placement, see the following sections in the Brand Victoria guidelines

  • pages 20 to 21 for information on placement
  • the examples in section 3 (pages 42 to 50)

Using our logos on video content

  • Dimensions: the logo should be minimum 1080 pixels on the longest side
  • Resolution: minimum 72dpi, preferably 300dpi
  • File format: EPS or PNG with transparency

If using a Victorian Government department or agency logo, check whether there are other conditions for use (such as colours, background or spacing).

Also note the requirements for authorisation tags on videos.

Download logo files

Reviewed 12 November 2020

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